My name is Ivona...

...and I am freelance writer, travel lover, but also an open-minded thinker!

I am from Slovakia, from a little town in the mountains. I am one of these people who dream out loud and cannot stay at home for more than a month.

I enjoy travelling, reading, writing and studying languages. I especially enjoy travelling alone because it helps me to know myself, but also the other cultures better. I like to look at the turistic spots but always search for local experiences and places without tourists and commerce.

I am very determined and ambitious person, as I believe it is important to listen to your head and heart at the same time, while following my dreams.

I have my aims and targets, and I am never changing them or giving up on them. I only change the plans or ways to reach them!

Why The Blog?

I am a student of  MSc Asian Politics at SOAS-University of London, however, I am currently also a Darmasiswa Scholarship student at Udayana University, Bali. In 2015, I gained my B.A. in Chinese Cultural Studies.

I have attended cultural and language exchange programmes in China, USA, and interned in an NGO in London. My professional interests lie in Chinese and Asian law and politics, international relations, NGOs, and peacekeeping. I am not afraid to express my opinion which can be seen in my articles for Pax Politica.

While studying in Bali I have a lot of free time and a lot to say. I always had plenty of suggestions from my friends about writing my own blog. This time I said, why not?!

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